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A creative collaboration The Breakfast Mug (1).png

I’m a believer of slow mornings,

or rather a meditative/ritualistic one.

A time when one takes the moment to just be, however that make look.

To take in the morning of waking up the self;

body, mind, and spirit.

The breakfast mug is a subtle reminder to take time for one’s self.

We rush from the moment we wake up,

And forget to just be.


A cup for coffee,

or tea.

A mug for breakfast;



or Cake.

A written reminder of all things just being.

Like aging, like changing,

Nothing and Everything.

You just kind of just wake up to it.

A creative collaboration The Breakfast Mug.png

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Sometimes Summer

Summer is a film photographer, writer, and interdisciplinary artist. She moved out of the city to live by the sea. Surrounded by nature, she finds harmony in her practice and interest in visual arts, poetry, and making things by hand. 

“There are days where I’m stuck between lost time and reality

Mornings like these, I want to talk about nothing and everything.”


An excerpt from what she wrote on a slow morning, back in 2018.

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